Students Show Off TechHive Projects at Lawrence Hall of Science

High school interns from the TechHive lab at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science were featured in this article in Contra Costa Times. The 27 students displayed the various projects they worked on with engineering students from UC Berkekely and Lawrence Hall staff.

“A project known as the bike simulator gives a stationary cyclist the feeling of being outdoors by creating a virtual tour of the neighborhood around Oakland’s Lake Merritt. The pedaling action of the bicyclist rotates a drum outfitted with miniature replicas of buildings and landmarks that are attached with low-tech Velcro. A camera behind the drum is activated and the images captured by the camera are projected onto a wall.
‘It makes it more interesting with the camera,’ said Ethan Smith, who attends Oakland Tech. ‘A lot of our projects try to take something and build it into a physical thing, but also look at how technology can make it better.’

‘The pre-college design and engineering internship program is geared toward high school students who have an interest in science, but a science background is not a requirement,’ said Sherry Hsi, leader of the TechHive program and a research director at the Hall of Science.

‘Located in the Hall’s original amphitheater, the TechHive Studio makes it possible for participating teens to explore new ideas, figure out design challenges and make prototype projects while using a wide range of technologies,’ she said. Funding is provided by Oracle and Motorola Solutions Foundations.”

By Eva Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Andy Chu
Originally posted at Contra Costa Times






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