Join the Movement

From a moment to a movement

The YOUmedia Learning Labs Network is at its heart a dynamic, diverse group of people who are dedicated to connecting young people to information and learning opportunities, fueled by the possibilities that digital media and technology offer. Together we represent a new way of thinking about networked public institutions and organizations, and the ways that we can learn from each other and grow alongside each other as practitioners. Our movementーand our Networkーis dynamic and ever-growing, and we’re looking to make change, using the foundation of Connected Learning.

We invite you to join us.

Join the Community of Practice

Start by joining and then logging into the YOUmedia Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP is a free and open platform for frontline staff, mentors, administrators, and other staff in teen programs to share and download resources and jump into conversations. The CoP is the best way to get a sense of the YOUmedia Network community and to connect with other people who are part of the movement.

Start a Learning Lab

The best way to learn how to start a Learning Lab is to see one in action; see the locations page to learn more about YOUmedia labs around the country, and get in touch for an opportunity to see their space, meet their staff, and talk about their programs. We also encourage any site team interested to  read the YOUmedia Hallmarks and the YOUmedia Learning Labs Toolkit; these cover the framework and foundation of YOUmedia principles, including the hallmarks, HOMAGO, and Connected Learning.

Become a Lab in the YOUmedia Network

If you have a Learning Lab already we invite you to consider joining the  YOUmedia Learning Labs Network as an associated member Lab. Please read the benefits of joining the network (available as PDF) and contact