About Connected Learning

As applications of research on connected learning, YOUmedia Learning Labs represent a well-planned and thoughtful way of supporting learning that happens beyond the classroom and connecting it to young people’s interests and aspirations.

Connected learning is learning that is socially connected, interest-driven, and oriented toward educational, economic, or political opportunity. Connected learning is realized when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement. This framework is based on evidence that the most resilient, adaptive, and effective learning involves individual interest as well as social supports and recognition. YOUmedia connects learning by offering programs and experiences that bridge youth interests, academics and peer culture.

The core principles of connected learning reflect YOUmedia’s approach as well because it is:

  • interest powered
  • peer supported
  • academically oriented
  • production centered
  • networked
  • shared purpose

To learn more about connected learning: