There are many tools and resources are available for people who are interested in the YOUmedia model. Interested groups should start by forming a team of interested adults and youth to explore the YOUmedia model. Visit your local Learning Lab in a library, museum, youth center or school to assess the potential for creating a full Learning Lab in one of the spaces in your community.

The YOUmedia toolkit

YOUmedia Learning Labs can be created in any space where youth are welcome. Read the YOUmedia Toolkit to see how different Learning Labs have put the model into action. The toolkit is a resource for organizations interested in starting a Learning Lab inspired and informed by the YOUmedia Network model. It contains a theoretical overview, as well as practical tools and resources for planning and launching a creative space for youth in an informal educational setting. The toolkit is the best place to begin learning about the framework and foundation of YOUmedia principles, including the YOUmedia hallmarks, HOMAGO, and Connected Learning. It also includes:

  • Practical start-up information, including sample budgets and hiring documents
  • Case studies from labs in the network
  • Resources developed by the network, including evaluation strategies, guidelines to supporting staff transition, and partnership development guides.

The YOUmedia Community of Practice

The YOUmedia Community of Practice (CoP) is a free and open community of educators, librarians, museum staff, and mentors who share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues nationally. As a free, open community, we welcome those who are interested in working and learning alongside us. Join the CoP today.