Lynn Public Library Room Puts Teens in Control

Quaranteen, the teen tech lab at Lynn Public Library in Lynn, Massachusetts, was featured in The Daily Item, a local news outlet. The article focused on teen leadership, as well as the ability for these teens to pursue their interests while at Quaranteen.

“When a friend asked Meegan Robertson two years ago if she wanted to hang out at the library, the Classical High School student quickly dismissed the suggestion as uncool and anti-social—but that was before Robertson discovered Quaranteen.

Tucked into one of the North Common Street library’s side rooms, the teen-run program is packed with high-technology toys and learning tools that attract at least 15 students who hang out eight to 10 hours a week in Quaranteen.

‘It’s fun and all of my friends are here,’ said Robertson.

Library young adult services head Katelyn Cole is on hand when teens meet in the library, but it is the students—not Cole—who picked out the teen room computers, painted the room and who choose activities when they meet in the library.”

By Thor Jourgensen
Photo courtesy of Angela Owens
Originally posted at The Daily Item






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