Connecting Youth Interests Via Libraries

Chicago Public Library and Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) featured in a DML Central post focusing on public libraries providing connected learning opportunities by offering innovative programs to young patrons. View full article

“Examples of innovative projects, tapping into the power of the Internet, include the Chicago Public Library, which offers a free Maker Lab, with access to 3-D printers and milling machines; and two branches of the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL), where underserved kids are learning to code and tell stories through photography this summer.

Many other libraries and librarians across the country are embodying the principles of connected learning as they evolve in this digital age. Connected learning is learning that is interest-driven, socially connected, and tied to school achievement and real world opportunity. And, libraries are smartly becoming hubs for such learning.

Libraries, which have long been centers of community activity, are uniquely situated to become a nexus of connected learning because their mission centers on personalized and interest-driven learning. They are another space, besides school and home, that allows activities and practices to meld together. As guides to online information and technical literacy, librarians often already are guides to connected learning.

Such is the case for the new summer programming — designed with the intention of supporting youth interest, connecting those interests to academic goals, and providing avenues for youth to be recognized beyond their local setting for their accomplishments — being offered at LAPL.”

By Crystle Martin
Banner image: Students taking part in a summer Coding with Scratch class at a Los Angeles public library. Photo by Luna Ito-Fisher
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