Chicago, IL: YOUmedia Chicago

YOUmedia radio interview: Meet the Mentor

An interview with Jeff Hodges, mentor at YOUmedia Chicago. Jeff talks about HOMAGO, his approach towards working with teens, some anecdotes and stories, and his personal creative practice and how that overlaps with and enriches his teaching style.

“[At] YOUmedia, we use real people, real mentors… They use their real-world experiences to connect with the teens, which then makes teens go even further. Read the rest »

Empowering Mentors, Empowering Youth: Remembering Brother Mike

“Mentorship to me at its core is about love, you loving what you do enough to pass that knowledge on to the next person” – Brother Mike Hawkins

The typical mentor at a YOUmedia Learning Lab has an active creative practice. Read the rest »

Chicago, IL: YOUmedia Chicago

YOUmedia turns teens into DIY rock stars

“Enter Harold Washington Library from the State Street entrance and you might just think you’ve gone in the wrong building. You’ll find the room filled with teenagers listening to booming music and glued to laptop screens. You’re in the right place – you’ve just found YOUmedia, a whole new take on library culture.” Read the rest »