New York, NY: DreamYard Art Center

Maker Programs Strive to Reach All Students

Through training and outreach, maker programs aim for greater diversity among future innovators.

The maker movement is everywhere it seems. Kids tinkering with sewing machines or laser cutters, designing their own cookie cutters to “print” in a 3D-printer at libraries, museums, maker camps, or classrooms across the country. Read the rest »

Miami, FL: YOUmedia Miami

Miami Teens #ShareTheLove With Nonviolence Campaign and Concert

Seventeen-year-old Arbie Nickerson has a packed schedule. On top of producing music, working at a preschool, and finishing his sophomore year of high school, he also produces his own weekly radio show through an online platform called Spreaker.

But Nickerson took on another challenge last fall, when he joined a group of teens from YOUmedia Miami to grow an antiviolence campaign called #ShareTheLove. Read the rest »