New York, NY: New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)

Making a Platform for Empowerment at the NYSCI Maker Space

Students learn in an environment that is conducive to building a sense of autonomy at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) Maker Space, a lab in the YOUmedia Network, by approaching problem-solving with the “I Can Mentality.” Also, an argument is made for educators to get comfortable being learners. Read the rest »

Chicago, IL: YOUmedia Chicago

YOUmedia Alumni Give Back to Program with Spirited Summer Festival

Lollapalooza might be known for bringing hordes of young people outdoors to celebrate summer in Chicago, but June’s Teens in the Park Fest (TIP Fest) gave it a run for its money. TIP Fest was one part free concert, one part open house for Chicago’s array of summer youth programs. Read the rest »

Miami, FL: YOUmedia Miami

Miami Teens #ShareTheLove With Nonviolence Campaign and Concert

Seventeen-year-old Arbie Nickerson has a packed schedule. On top of producing music, working at a preschool, and finishing his sophomore year of high school, he also produces his own weekly radio show through an online platform called Spreaker.

But Nickerson took on another challenge last fall, when he joined a group of teens from YOUmedia Miami to grow an antiviolence campaign called #ShareTheLove. Read the rest »

Washington, DC: ARTLAB+

ARTLAB+ Sound Booth Certification

Hello All,

Attatched is some information about how we run the sound booth in the Artlab. It is a certification program that entitles the teens to use the sound booth un accompanied and also gives them ability to really level up by working with other teens in the space as an engineer / producer. Read the rest »