Tucson, AZ: 101Space at Pima County Public Library

Our vision is a thriving youth community where all youth are passionate, empowered, connected, and use their voice to create a better world. We will do this by providing opportunities for young people to explore, and develop their curiosities in collaboration with adult and peer mentors.

Guiding Principles

Pima County Public Library is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters connected learning and actively engages youth voice. Connected learning makes learning relevant to every teen through interest driven, real life and real work experiences that reflects the ever changing landscape of the digital age.

This will be achieved by implementing the research-based HOMAGO model; hang out, mess around, geek out. Connected learning through HOMAGO provides a framework for life-long learning and active participation in the learning process.

PCPL’s dedication to fostering youth voice is demonstrated through active participation by youth. Youth will be partners in decision making and program development, and will gain leadership experience that will help them become leaders in the center and the community.

Our Values

  • Access: We are committed to accessibility on many levels—physical, economic, social, virtual, etc.
  • Community: The atmosphere of the space will cultivate a greater sense of community—among youth themselves and with peer and adult mentors.
  • Learning: Youth programming will be interest-driven, peer-supported and connected to real world opportunities.
  • Safe and Welcome: The space, people and policies will allow youth to feel welcome without being unsafe because of the identities they inhabit.
  • Youth Voice: Youth throughout our community will actively participate in decision-making and opinion-sharing.