Miami, FL: YOUmedia Miami

YOUmedia Miami is a 21st century digital-media learning center for teens housed at the North Dade Regional Library. YOUmedia Miami builds on the role libraries play as places of innovation and exploration. YOUmedia Miami teaches teens to use technology to tell stories and engage with the world around them in powerful new ways. It is a creative learning environment that empowers teens by encouraging them to use professional-grade hardware and software to express themselves. Teens will create computer-based projects inspired by their own ideas including mixing music, designing video games, creating films and exploring the many possibilities afforded by today’s technology.

YOUmedia Miami Staff

Marlon Moore-Project Coordinator (Full-time)

(Responsible for coordinating visiting tours of YOUmedia Miami, tracking successful completion of program benchmarks, program scheduling, community outreach, compiling reports and managing all YOUmedia Staff).


Librarian (Full-time)

(Responsible for connecting teens to YOUmedia Collection, managing Mentors and compiling reports). Read the rest »

YOUmedia Miami Programming

YOUmedia Miami featured on South Florida’s Channel 7 Television segment, “Parent to Parent.”

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YOUmedia Miami Space

Pictures of the YOUmedia Miami space at the North Dade Regional Library in Miami, Florida. Read the rest »