YOUmedia Locations

YOUmedia is underway in several locations. While the programs may differ and the space could be in a branch library or a museum, they all share the following elements:

  • Youth centered: Design and programming embrace youth preferences, interests, practices, and attitudes. Youth voice is essential.
  • Interest driven: Programming is driven by youth interests and is meaningful and relevant to their daily lives.
  • Reflective: Youth review and critique their own work to hone their skills.
  • Making and Doing: Programming centers on hands-on, active engagement. Youth are not simply consuming media or information, they are producers of content and projects to be shared with a broader audience.
  • Collaborative: Youth work regularly with others from different schools, backgrounds, and areas of interest and expertise.
  • Interdisciplinary: A variety of content and perspectives from multiple disciplines are incorporated in programming and workshops.