New York, NY: DreamYard Art Center

The DreamYard Art Center is located in the Morrisania neighborhood of the South Bronx and serves young people from across the borough as well as Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our programs are rooted in art and social justice practices and include arts and activism, visual arts, theater, digital music, fashion, Maker and poetry.

The DreamYard Art Center was able to grow in size, program offerings, and access to digital tools as part of the YOUmedia network. The expansion will help young people more deeply explore our core beliefs of artistic voice, social justice and community engagement through digital learning tools and practices, as well as space to collaborate and hang out, mentorship from practicing artists, and access to the tools that will help them express their voice in the digital age. Programs created since becoming a YOUmedia site include: digital music production, photo/video production, fashion, and Open Studio.

Maker Programs Strive to Reach All Students

Through training and outreach, maker programs aim for greater diversity among future innovators.

The maker movement is everywhere it seems. Kids tinkering with sewing machines or laser cutters, designing their own cookie cutters to “print” in a 3D-printer at libraries, museums, maker camps, or classrooms across the country. Read the rest »

The Story of Science Museums in the YOUmedia Network

Three staff from science museums in the YOUmedia Network gathered in New York to do some professional development around what YOUmedia looks like in a science center. Matt Baker from The MiX (Science Museum of Virginia), David Wells from Maker Space (New York Hall of Science), and Matt Chilbert from TechHive (Lawrence Hall of Science) recorded a follow-up conversation where they reflect on initial challenges to starting a teen-focused program, and move toward current challenges around expanding to different age groups, and considerations on funding and sustainability within their science centers. Read the rest »