Billings, MT: TECH Lab Lynn, MA: Lynn Public Library Philadelphia, PA: Maker Jawn Pittsburgh, PA: The Labs @ CLP

Moving Past Start-Up: Supporting Library Makerspaces Over Time

A group of YOUmedia makerspaces band together to innovate and support library makerspaces facing the opportunities and challenges distinctive to the middle, “post-emergent” years.

The start-up phase of any project is often the most heady—long hours, innovative breakthroughs, visionaries with big ideas. Read the rest »

Norfolk, VA: YOUmedia Norfolk

Norfolk Public Library Joins the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network

Berkeley, CA, May 23, 2017 — Joining a network of colleagues across the country, the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network extends affiliate status to the youth program at the Norfolk Public Library, making the program the thirty-first lab in the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network. Read the rest »

Billings, MT: TECH Lab

Six community crates will help bring the library to young learners

The Billings Public Library loves to have students in for a visit. But it also wants students — and their teachers — to be able to bring the library into the classroom.

A $20,000 grant from Phillips 66 to the Billings Public Library Foundation will enable just that, beginning this summer. Read the rest »

Librarians Lead the Way to Digital Literacy

Librarians have been on the front lines of information literacy for years, putting them in a prime position to help youth learn to navigate a complex and growing world of digital information and news.

Unfettered access to information and news is essential for learning—but it can also be a hazard when learners lack the right tools for parsing that information. Read the rest »

St. Paul, MN: Createch

‘Read Brave’ Fosters Passionate Reading and Intergenerational Dialogue

Read Brave is a city-wide one book project in Saint Paul, Minnesota, facilitated by a small but passionate group from the Saint Paul Public Library’s Createch program, part of the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network. Marika Staloch, one of the facilitators, recently spoke with K-Fai Steele, of the YOUmedia Network and the National Writing Project. Read the rest »