The Octavia Lab at the LA Public Library Joins the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network 

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Bob Jobin 

Berkeley, CA, May 25, 2022 — Joining a network of colleagues across the country, the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network is thrilled to extend affiliate status to The Octavia Lab based at the Los Angeles Public Library. Read the rest »

Looking back and imagining forward: The YOUmedia Network in 2020

Wheat-pasted image on adandoned storefront window; shows bear in pink shirt holding sign that says "WE"RE IN THIS TOGETHER"

Last year marked a global pandemic, political violence and racial reckoning that impacted how we work and live. As a community of practice, we and our young people were first overwhelmed by a year-long pandemic and polarizing rhetoric surrounding science, followed by nationwide protests against racialized state violence, systematized from our country’s 400-year legacy of racial violence and finally, faced the radicalized and conspiratorial shift in our nation’s politics. Read the rest »

Richmond, VA: The MiX

Why A Makerspace Popped Up in a Museum

Most people wouldn’t think of science as quirky, but if they’d witnessed a posse of orange, papier-maché robotic pumpkins racing down the hall at the Science Museum of Virginia (SMV), in Richmond, Virginia, they might re-think that image. Over the past several years, libraries, museums and community centers around the country have opened “makerspaces” where young people can come and play with equipment they may not have at home — like 3D printers or circuitry boards. Read the rest »

Kansas City Digital Media Lab

In 2012, the Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) received a YOUmedia planning grant offered through the MacArthur Foundation and Institute of Museum and Library Services to design a YOUmedia Learning Lab program. After some consideration and discussion, KCPL decided that a mobile lab would be a great starting point for bringing HOMAGO-centered programs to youth in Kansas City. Read the rest »

Tucson, AZ: Pima County Public Library

Teen 365 Helps Teens Create Pathways to Happy and Successful Adulthoods

Teen 365 is a year-round program for youth ages 12–18 that supports the vision and mission of Pima County Public Library services to young adults by ensuring that all YA programs support teens in developing skills, connections, and opportunities to create a successful and happy adulthood. Read the rest »