New York, NY: YOUmedia programs at the DreamYard Art Center

Community Center
Currently 2 FT related specifically to the YOUmedia; Projected staff of 4 FT mentors, 1 FT Director,7+ PT student interns
Invite only

YOUMedia programs at the DreamYard Art Center will help young people more deeply explore our core beliefs of artistic voice, academic success and community engagement through digital learning tools and practices. Housed at the DreamYard Art Center in the Morrisania neighborhood of the South Bronx, the YOUmedia programs will offer young people an inspiring space to collaborate and hang out, mentorship from practicing artists, and access to the tools that will help them express their voice in the digital age. Short-term workshops and long-term projects will be offered in a range of artistic media including photography, video, music production, graphic design, game design and making.

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