Berkeley, CA: TechHive

Science Museum
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This project will support TechHive, an innovative learning space providing fun, interest-driven, youth-inspired design challenges. As with the Lawrence Hall of Science's popular Ingenuity Lab, the TechHive will encourage youth to apply an engineering design approach to creativity and problem solving. It will increase delivery of this type of experience by providing a new space where youth can develop and test a set of open-ended design challenges as starting points for inspiration and creativity using software, fabrication tools, STEM expertise, peer mentors, and social media.  All challenges will motivate participants to develop lengthier and more challenging engineering design projects that may involve any combination of digital sketching, computer programming, engineering design, fabrication, and digital storytelling. TechHive will leverage interest in new media to build young people‚Äôs 21st century STEM content knowledge, skills, and support career exploration.

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